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8 good reasons to use Yopbox
to create your video FAQs


Control your budget

Everyone agrees that video is the most engaging and impactful content, but it is also the most expensive to produce. With the YopBox solution, you can finally access the power of this format, while respecting your budget and without compromising on the quality of your videos.


Humanising your FAQs

In recent years, humanising your brand has become a real challenge for companies. To meet this need, YopBox offers to produce your FAQs using the most effective format for transmitting emotions: face-to-face video. Indeed, it is the king format for telling your stories, creating a close relationship with your audience and, above all, enabling you to achieve this humanisation objective on a large scale.


A simple and accessible platform

Regardless of your technical knowledge, the video creation platform YopBox has been designed for non-professional video makers. Design your video FAQs in just a few minutes with our intuitive and easy-to-understand interface.


A lightning production

Gone are the days of time-consuming and time-consuming productions, with YopBox create, record and edit your videos from the same platform in just a few minutes.


Become autonomous at last

Our platform contains all the features you need to become fully autonomous in the creation of your videos. Produce as much content as you want and cover all your business needs.


Produce more, without compromising on quality

With YopBox, your company becomes its own media. Our turnkey solution allows you to create professional quality videos, in quantity and without blowing your budget. Creating a video is now as easy as writing a blog post.


A solution available from your browser

The YopBox platform requires no installation and is available from a simple browser anywhere in the world.


Premium support

We know how difficult it can be to imagine stories and create content, so our video experts will work with you on a daily basis on your storytelling needs and the development of your video strategy. In addition, we have a customer service team available 7 days a week.

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How to create video FAQs with Yopbox ?

Choose a video template

To guide you in your creation and to be sure that your videos are up to your business needs, our video experts have designed dozens of turnkey video templates, which will make your life much easier. Choose the one that best suits your needs, write your script according to our guidelines and then proceed to the recording stage.

Let's go for the recording!

No need to worry, you are guided and accompanied at every stage of your recording on the YopBox platform. Simply choose the equipment you wish to use to record yourself (webcam, telephone or professional camera) and if you wish to use our automatic prompter, and... off you go! What's more, if you want to record a colleague or a client? No problem either, generate and share a unique link to allow anyone to record themselves whenever they want and from wherever they want.

Videos to match your image

To make your video FAQs unique and true to your brand, YopBox allows you to adapt the animations of your video with your colours, your logo and your font. It's simple and automated, in just a few minutes you can finally create videos that look like you!

The musical atmosphere

No more hours spent finding the perfect music from thousands of royalty-free tracks. With YopBox, all you have to do is choose the musical atmosphere of your choice and let our technology do the rest.

Lightning fast delivery

No time to go and make yourself a coffee, your video is already edited, dressed and subtitled in your space YopBox. All you have to do is upload it to share it with the world.